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Why Your Resume Sucks

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TODAY’S VIDEO: Episode 002 Why Your Resume Sucks | October 29, 2020 | Our panelist will address strategies on preparing your resume to be keyword-optimized while showing you the nuances of a 21st century resume. These tips will immediately add value to your career search and provide the foundation for you to improve your resume.

To be a guest on the Mercer County Works channel, please email us at RiseAndGrind@mercercountyworks.com. Please put in the subject heading: The Rise and Grind show.

Why Your Resume Sucks
Duncan Harrison

Duncan Harrison is a future of work architect that fosters economic inclusion through workforce development programs that strengthen communities. As an HR Influencer he has served as a director of human resources for over 7 years helping agencies build robust systems that optimize their talent. As a co-founder of Mercer County Works he brings his know-how of connecting employers with the right talent to produce better business results.