The mission of Mercer County Works is to be your trusted source for job openings and hiring.
Mercer County Works believes that the right candidate is out there to fill openings across all size employers.

At Mercer County Works, we help people get jobs through a dedicated job engine for Mercer County and its surrounding areas.  How do we accomplish this?  Whether you are looking to build your professional profile (job seeker), register your business to find premium area talent (employer) or to enhance your pool of database contacts (recruiters), we are a trusted source for job openings, helping to increase the employment rate, attract employers, get job seekers noticed by the right people and reduce the time and money involved with talent acquisition.  By partnering with us, you will benefit from our passionate focus on personalized one-on-one support, increased efficiency, education and profitable value and less-than-24-hour response times to your inquiries.  We’re excited to make the overall job process easier.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Workplace equality is synonymous with diversity as Mercer County Works understands and appreciates the variety of knowledge, skills, abilities and backgrounds that comfortably challenges our workforce.  We strive to leverage diversity to build effective teams, improve systems and develop a collective mindset that spurs creativity and performance on any level.  Our workplace culture is committed to diversity as an asset; there is no obstacle that is too difficult to bypass.

Job Seekers

The Mercer County Works job engine provides an opportunity for employers to connect with job seekers looking for meaningful employment in various industries.

We help streamline your job search by providing a professional profile, job alerts, text messages when jobs are posted, and a private messaging center to communicate with hiring managers.


The Mercer County Works job engine can help streamline your hiring process by providing a robust job seeker database, exclusive Match Jobs to Candidates feature, custom email templates, instant notifications when job seekers register, and a messaging center to communicate with job seekers. And so much more!

Mercer County Works  has aligned with all types of companies and organizations to help connect the right job seekers with the right employers.