Building Services Moving Supervisor
Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Job Summary

Occupation Restaurant and Food Services
Specialty Shift Supervisor
Location 08542, Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Visa Sponsorship No

Job Description

Last Update: 1/11/24
The Transportation and Logistics Supervisor is responsible for overseeing a team of 12 + movers and warehouse workers in its daily operations. As such, they will supervise, train, coach, and equip the team. In general, they will supervise the Princeton University rental equipment program, furniture moving, custodial supplies, and record and bulk storage programs. The incumbent will be required to work with the departmental office to help schedule all aspects of the moving and equipment rental needs. Further, this position will frequently move and transfer items using manual and powered material handling equipment, including flat dollies, appliance dollies, forklifts, and large trucks. This position requires good judgment, safety consciousness, and the ability to work within deadlines, perform multiple tasks and communicate effectively with customers. Additionally, the Supervisor will be responsible for the running and leadership of the shift. The Supervisor is expected to initiate any necessary training and/or disciplinary issues. Often the incumbent will be required to provide a labor job estimate to customers throughout the University Community. The utilization of basic computer skills manifests itself in many job tasks. Also, the supervisor will communicate frequently across departmental lines while planning and providing services.

Department Summary:
As part of the UniversityÆs Facilities Operations, the staff in Building Services has a daily presence in every building on PrincetonÆs campus, and is responsible for cleaning, moving, logistical support of campus events and running the surplus program, including several warehouse complexes for rental equipment, documents storage, surplus items and a few important artifacts managed by Building Services. We also maintain or inspect student laundromats, campus fire extinguishers, and the University waste and recycling stream. Our teams clean over 10,000,000 square feet daily, deliver, set up and take down over 125,000 pieces of rental equipment each year, manage nearly 100,000 square feet of warehouse space, and remove over 5,000 tons of waste and recycling each year. Responsibilities:
Transportation and Logistics Operations

Leads a work group that will drive delivery trucks throughout the University and off-campus to deliver and/or pick up furniture, janitorial supplies, machinery, surplus, scrap metal, rental equipment, or other items as needed. Often, the incumbent will be personally involved in these tasks.
Complete oversight of the 755 Alexander Rd. Warehouse Facility
Managing the loading of trucks, setting up delivery routes, and unloading of materials.
Manage inventory, and establish and maintain communication with suppliers, carriers, and others involved in the shipping and delivery while overseeing the Transportation and Logistics of goods from one warehouse location to another, ensuring it arrives safely and on time.
Responsible for properly handling incoming and outgoing products through the receiving docks (755 Alexander, 300 Washington, and 693 Alexander) and stocking and handling components.
Responsible for sufficiently maintaining all equipment, including rental items, material handling equipment, warehouse infrastructure, warehouse yard, and fleet vehicles.
Support, implement, and manage appropriate safety guidelines and investigate injuries or unsafe conditions.
Responsible for the oversight and safety of all vehicles within DOT guidelines and related material handling equipment, ensuring that all equipment and vehicles can be operated safely.

Administrative Tasks

Assign vehicle keys to Transportation and Logistics staff and maintain key security.
Assists in hiring qualified team members by participating in the interview process and making recommendations regarding the employment of applicants.
Work internally to monitor and report employee labor, attendance, and punctuality.
Participates in the scheduling of all related work orders.
Ensures that employees have received all necessary safety training and certifications and that they utilize safe work practices. The supervisor will conduct or organize appropriate safety training, identify workplace hazards, and generally assist in creating a culture of safety.
The position is expected to master technological tools such as Maximo, SharePoint, TAM, OT Tracking, and the use of electronic mobile devices.
Communicates effectively within the department, across Facilities lines, and both internal and external customers of his services.
Utilize technological tools and programs including, but not limited to CMMS (Maximo), SharePoint, various aspects of Microsoft Office, routing software, and websites. Ensure technology is deployed effectively and consistently on a personal level and within the team.
Effectively request the usage of overtime by continuous monitoring of university activities and departmental workload.
Schedule work assignments by setting priorities for staff, planning for effective university activities, and special event support.
Responsible for ensuring personal and company compliance with all federal, state, local, and company regulations, policies, and procedures for health, safety, and environmental compliance.
Evaluate and suggest changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency.

Leadership Tasks

Demonstrate ability to work in a culturally diverse environment with demonstrated flexibility and composure.
Demonstrate our core value of Inclusiveness by creating strong employee morale and cultivating a culture of inclusion, fairness, and effective leadership while embracing diversity in recruitment and talent retention efforts.
Show our core value of Respect when representing the department at meetings regarding campus activities, customer service, or other topics of general interest to the Department or University community.
Model our core value of Teamwork by ensuring employees are appropriately informed of university business and trained to apply technical skill sets as directed, event protocols, universal precautions, and equipment and vehicle operations.
Develop employee skills via the appraisal process, coaching, encouragement, training, and use of the disciplinary process.
Carry and operate a university-owned cell phone to maintain workplace communication.
Practice our core value of Integrity by creating a safety culture by modeling safe behavior, conducting safety meetings and training team members; enforcing safety rules and regulations; investigating accidents and incidents and filling out accident/incident reports.
Show our core value of Innovation as an active member of the department leadership team, encouraging creativity, sharing valued remarks, and demonstrating perseverance with recommendations to the Recycling & Solid Waste Manager.
Meet daily / frequently with Transportation and Logistics Manager to update him/her on matters of personnel, equipment, work orders, training, etc.

High School Diploma or GED.
Must be able to comprehend written and oral instructions.
Basic knowledge of computer technologies.
Minimum three years of experience and knowledge of equipment and methods used in the transfer of furniture, heavy boxes, machinery, and rental equipment.
Must possess a valid driverÆs license at time of hire along with current Federal D.O.T medical form. Must have experience driving a manual transmission. Must be proficient at backing vehicles into tight spaces.
Ability to use carpentry tools such as drills, hand saws, screwdrivers, etc. to build certain items used in event support, or perform minor repairs to the rental equipment.
Must be able to operate material handling equipment that can transfer heavier objects. Must be able to obtain Forklift Certification within three months of hire.
As a critical employee, must be able to work overtime, before the start of shift, at end of shift, on weekends, or in weather emergencies.
Must be able to occasionally lift 100 pounds between 1 and 30 times per day and frequently lift to 60 pounds between 1 and 60 times per day.
Must be able to climb stairs, up to four flights, while carrying 50-pound packages by hand.
Must be able to transfer heavy objects (up to 250 pounds) up several flights of stairs using appliance dollies or similar material handling tools.
Must be able to lift to 100 pounds in a range of motion from the floor to shoulder height.
Must be able to lift to 100 pounds in a range of motion from the floor to waist height.
Must be able to maneuver a pallet jack with a full load of up to 2,000 pounds with a push or pull force of 200 pounds.
Work outdoors in a variety of environmental conditions.
Shovel snow and operate snow blowers as needed.
Assist the sanitation crew (see 17 through û 19)
Must be able to occasionally lift to 100 pounds between 1 and 100 times per day and frequently lift to 70 pounds between 1 and 60 times per day.
Must be able to push or pull forces up to 70 pounds (moving trash dumpsters) constantly (over 200 times per day) and push or pull forces up to 100 pounds (moving paper dumpsters) occasionally, up to 100 times per day.
Stand or walk for 4-6 hours at a time up to 6 days per week.


Previous experience working in a union staff environment.
Previous experience in Logistical and Warehouse services.

NOTE: All Facilities employees are core essential employees and are expected to be available to work as directed by the department during emergencies and certain campus events.

Princeton University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS
Standard Weekly Hours: 40.00 Eligible for Overtime: Yes Benefits Eligible: Yes Probationary Period: 90 days Essential Services Personnel (see policy for detail): Yes Physical Capacity Exam Required: Yes Valid Driver's License Required: Yes : #LI-NC1