Call Center Associate
Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Job Summary

Occupation Healthcare-Sales Associate
Specialty Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals
Location New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Visa Sponsorship No

Job Description

Last Update: 1/11/24
Call Center Associate Culinary & Nutrition
The Call Center Associate will:

Process room service meal orders
Take phone calls for patient food and beverage requests.
Assist patients with telephone call backs as needed to ensure opportunity to order a meal.
Assist patients at the bedside in selecting menu if needed according to prescribed diet order should the patient be unable to call.
Modify patient food and beverage choices applying age-specific knowledge as appropriate.
Utilize room service software to correct meal selection with patients in accordance with prescribed diet order.
Accommodate all patient preferences/tolerances in accordance with prescribed diet orders.
Adhere to scripting and promotes positive guest relations
Demonstrate the ability to resolve customer concerns in a positive manner.
Exhibit courtesy in phone conversations with customer in all situations.
Demonstrate competency in all CBORD programs utilized during the normal operation of the call center.
Process messages received through hospital computer system accurately.
Follow job analysis in accordance with assigned shift. Runs reports, etc. in accordance with job analysis. Manually enter allergy information into CBORD when necessary.
Enter tube feeding and supplement orders into CBORD accurately and manually discontinues tube feeding orders upon notification from hospital system.
Enter personalized snacks for patients in accordance with policy and procedure.
Monitor room service software function and notifies supervisor and/or IT immediately when malfunction is detected.
Monitor patient meal trays.
Assemble and/or checks patient meal trays before delivery.
Serve patient meal trays using department scripting.
Adhere to Computer downtime policy and procedure to ensure compliance to emergency back-up procedures when necessary.
Inform Nursing Supervisor/ immediate Supervisor of need to utilize Computer Downtime Nutrition Record when back-up is necessary for hospital system.
Manually enter admits, transfers, discharges patients, diet orders and cancels diet orders in CBORD as needed when Cerner is down.
Coordinate effective communication, both within the department, as well as outside of the department.
Utilize telephone, fax, and/or radio as needed to communicate with Culinary and Nutrition staff and patient care units in accordance with Department policy.
Contact nursing units to communicate a patient on insulin has ordered a their tray.
Adhere to SPUH and Department polices/procedures regarding dress code and personal hygiene standards.
Report to work in proper dress according to the Department's policies and procedures, including wearing one's SPUH ID Badge.
Follow Departmental policies and procedures regarding personal hygiene.
Adhere to Departmental policies and procedures regarding food and beverage consumption and gum chewing while in the call center and kitchen work area.
Complete Calorie Counts.
Document patient calorie counts in CBORD electronically.
Enter calorie count notification into CBORD.
Demonstrate competency in area of responsibility.
Attend/provide in-services/meetings within the hospital in area of responsibility as assigned by supervisor.
Complete SPUH patient education tool (Rapid Regulatory) annually and demonstrates competency as evidenced by a passing score n posttest.
Perform additional tasks and assigned duties.
Provide a flexible work schedule to meet the needs of the Department.
Actively participates in training and orientation of new hires.


High School Diploma or equivalent required.
Able to perform simple math calculations and follow oral/written directions.
Capable of handling computer tasks on room service software and views allergy and diet information in hospital computer system.
Focus on customer service.
Versatility to adapt to frequent changes in job duties of the Diet Office.
Stands and walks short distances and sits at a computer terminal most of day.
Reaches for, lifts and carries relatively light materials.

Grade 110