Special Education Math Teacher
Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Job Summary

Occupation Education and Training
Specialty Special Education Teacher
Location 18974, Warminster, Pennsylvania, United States
Visa Sponsorship No

Job Description

Last Update: 4/15/23
JobID: 648

Position Type:
Teaching - High School/Special Ed Mathematics

Date Posted:

William Tennent High School

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Special Education Math Teacher

(Mathematics Certification preferred)

William Tennent High School

INTERESTED APPLICANTS SHOULD INCLUDE UP-TO-DATE CLEARANCES WITH THEIR APPLICATION PACKAGE. This includes PA Child Abuse, PA Criminal History, FBI Fingerprint. Clearances must be no more than one (1) year old at time of hire.

General Scope of Responsibilities - The instruction and supervision of assigned pupils during the period of time school is in session.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Those tasks which are necessary for the preparation for instruction, actual instruction and management of student-learning activities in accordance with school district practice and established courses of study and/or curriculum
2. Evaluation and identification of individual student progress and special help as required to insure successful learning
3. Maintenance of student discipline
4. Supervision of extended study activities, such as study halls, school assemblies, homeroom activities and co-curricular activities
5. Performance of activities related to attendance, grade reporting and student records, and the interpretation of this information to parents
6. Attendance and participation at faculty meetings, on curriculum committees and other special committees
7. Compliance with and participation in current district educational initiatives
8. Understanding of goals through cooperative, effective work with other staff
9. Incorporation and implementation of technology as appropriate to instruction
10. Awareness of and compliance with school board policies and regulations
11. Counseling of students and appropriate referrals made on decisions relating to their educational program, career planning and personal problems which affect success in school.
12. Maintenance of conditions of health and safety in the classroom and in the school
13. Proper care of school plant and assigned equipment
14. Preparation of reports requested by principal
15. Attention to health requirements of individual students
16. Planning for the participation in parent-teacher conferences
17. Participation in continuing in-service education activities as sponsored by the school or district
18. Activities associated with preparations for the evaluation of a school or a program within a school by the state Department of Education and/or any other accrediting agency
19. Maintenance of professional growth through in service programs, graduate courses, and awareness of innovations in area of certification and in education in general
20. Other duties as may be assigned.

Must have valid PA Certification in Special Education 7-12

PA Certification in Mathematics 7-12 Preferred

Term of Employment -
Salary and benefits per the CEA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

All employment is provisional for 90 days as required by ACT 168 of 2014, enacted December 22, 2014. MUST SUBMIT ACT 168 FORM TO ALL CURRENT AND FORMER EMPLOYERS WHERE YOU HAVE HAD DIRECT CONTACT WITH CHILDREN.

Shift Type: Full-Time

Salary Range: $50,185 to $77,375

Job Category: Secondary Certified

Location: William Tennent High School

Minimum Qualifications: Secondary Special Education Certification